Body Endermologie


Body Endermologie is a safe, non-invasive and pleasant procedure to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite and increase body fluids flow. At Love Your Body Endermologie this procedure is done with the newest Cellu M6 Integral, the most advanced machine available on the market. It is proven to have the following major effects:

*  Reduces 2 – 3 inches in circumference of most problematic areas
*  Reduces unresponsive to diet and exercise substantial body fat
*  Contours your body to help you maintain your ideal shape

*  Relieves muscle spasms, soreness, minor aches and pains
*  Improves blood and lymph flow throughout the body
*  Maximizes results after liposuction surgery

*  Reduces the appearance of cellulite
*  Exfoliates and smooths skin

Endermologie is a pleasant full-body 45 minute long massage. Commonly targeted areas include – abdomen, love handles, outer and inner thighs, buttocks, upper arms, calves, back.  Usually you will see significant changes after only 6-8 sessions. At Love Your Body Endermologie Center, located in the heart of West Hollywood, we offer packages of 8, 12 and 20 sessions, and we customize every treatment to your specific needs.

It is strongly recommended that you maintain a healthy life style and good exercise habits in order to achieve even greater long-lasting results.


West Hollywood: book online or text, Manhattan Beach text 3233518560, 24 hours cancellation policy.
Our certified and experienced technicians will fine-tune and enhance your natural beauty!